Protech Engineering Ltd


For more than a decade Protech has been supplying evaporators to industry clients for purposes as diverse as acid stripping, mineral oil reclamation and waste water treatment.

In particular, the evaporators have proven to be key components in the drive to minimise the environmental impact associated with the disposal of low- and medium-level toxic and nuclear waste fluids.

In this case, the toxic constituents of these fluids are concentrated in the evaporator, with a consequent and significant reduction in their volume. This creates a less onerous disposal requirement in that a greatly reduced volume of material needs to be disposed of. Aqueous, non-toxic constituents which are separated out in the process, can then be disposed of by conventional means.


In recent years, one of Protech's clients won a prestigious environmental award; and key to this success was their operation of evaporators designed and supplied by Protech.

Market sectors
Oil and Gas Field Development Gas Storage Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Shale Gas Gas Transmission
Compressor Stations Pipelines Fuel Systems Evaporators General Process Industry Produced Water Disposal