A Problem Of Religion Towards Same Sex Marriage

Published: 2021-06-29 15:50:04
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The argument for and against same sex marriage has been going on most of this century and while we always seem to be close to achieving equality there’s always something – or rather, someone – standing in our way. That someone could be the government or the older generation that still have their heads firmly planted up their rears. But for the sake of the article I’m analyzing, let’s say that person is an extremely religious one. The article I chose for this essay is “’Gay Marriage’ or Religious Freedom: You Can’t Have Both” written by Benjamin Wiker, which – as I stated before, even though it’s already pretty obvious just from the title it’s about the age old argument of marriage vs religion because it isn’t like the church and the state are meant to be separated or anything. This article was published on the National Catholic Register and based on that name alone – coupled with the title – it leads me to believe that this was written by a Christian bigot for other Christian bigots. To me, the article almost seems like a “call to action” by the author telling his audience that their morals are under attack by the government, even though I wouldn’t call a bigoted homosexual hater moral. I say this because, unfortunately, a lot of Christians – while not necessarily all of them – have this same mentality, especially the ones I would call extremists or the ones who only believe in “parts” of the bible and don’t believe the other parts that go against their baseless argument. Basically they like to take a miss-match of verses from the bible and twist it into something they can benefit from, but hate being called out on their shit by other Christians who know that they aren’t sharing the whole story.
So, that “call to action” I mentioned earlier. I think Wiker’s purpose for this article was to convince his audience of the attack by the government that isn’t actually happening. He wants people to believe that their morals are at stake in the hopes that perhaps they’ll hate the marriage equality movement even more, because it’s something he doesn’t want so he’s trying to point out why other Christians won’t want it either. Personally, I think that the only people who will at all be persuaded by this argument would only be close-minded Christians who are also stupid enough to believe that their “morals” are the victim of an attack that isn’t even happening. Plus I don’t see an issue with making changes that contradict their morals and beliefs especially if those morals and beliefs are ignorant and are used to crap on other people who are different. And quite frankly the idea of “religious freedom” is absolute bullshit. If religious freedom is just a white man’s “right” to murder, attack, ridicule people based on their race, religion, and sexuality then maybe we should just recognize that they’ve created an excuse to get away with murdering and oppressing groups of people who are different, because they’ve got it in their little stupid heads that everyone is just like them – or rather, they should be. As for Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, I believe that they are, in the same order: “it will be acting as an instrument of ongoing…sexual revolution against the Judeo-Christian understanding of sexuality and marriage”, “If the U.S. Supreme Court affirms same-sex “marriage”, things will only get worse for Christians”, and as for Logos, I can’t really see a shred of any logic in this article of, quite frankly, a lot of speculation.
As for logical fallacies, one that jumped out at me immediately is the comparison between same sex marriage and abortion in which the author was attempting to prove that the government has a personal vendetta against them, though they really wouldn’t have to feel like this if they didn’t use their beliefs just to shit on beliefs that don’t follow everything they’ve been taught. While, for the same sex marriage and abortion is a proclamation of war from the American government crap, I don’t think it really fits any specific logical fallacy but it is a mash-up of a few. One, hasty generalization because he’s assuming that Christianity is under attack. Two, false analogy, but only loosely because same sex marriage and abortion have nothing in common but being – or at least they should be – basic human rights. But then again, even a fool could see that this article is in no way logical.
Bottom-line is, Benjamin Wiker should probably get his facts straight and stop making assumptions before he rights an article about issues – I can tell at least – he knows absolutely nothing about because it doesn’t look good on his credibility when he makes it so easily to call him out on his bullshit. I understand that people have a problem with same sex marriage, that seems to be unavoidable but still that sure as hell should mean that they shouldn’t be the ones deciding who gets rights and who doesn’t when they’ll literally look down on anyone who is even just a little bit different. I hope Benjamin Wiker will see this and maybe he and his Christian friends will start to understand why I have zero respect for shitty people with shitty beliefs and overall shitty attitudes towards people who did absolutely nothing to them.

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