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Published: 2021-07-15 06:05:06
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There are several ways of achieving body fitness. Exercising is one of them. This essay analyzes various components of advanced patterns exhibited by players and reviews five internet resource guides on health and fitness.

Components of advanced patterns exhibited by players
The pictures above show basket ball players. The components of advanced patterns are exhibited by them in several ways. First, there is forward step and rotation of the pelvis. This can be seen in the third player in which weight has moved to the foot at the back with the back rotation of the trunk. The arm then makes a backswing in a downward and circular manner ready to make a windup.
The player’s left leg that is opposite the arm that is throwing moves ahead to enlarge the distance though which the thrower uses force to throw the ball and to enable full rotation of the trunk. To apply force to the throw, the trunk undergoes a forward rotation. The rotation of the trunk is differentiated so as to produce full force. The trunk undergoes a lateral bending which is away from the throwing arm’s side.
The second pattern is that of the swinging of the upper arm and the rotation of the spine. The upper arm gets perpendicular to the trunk before getting forward as the shoulders undergo a rotation to face the front position (Haywood & Getchell, 2008, p. 146). This is shown in the fourth picture.
The importance of these components to a an educator is that they help them make a connection between the development of the nervous system and the motor skills in children to help determine the exact time suitable for children to make certain movements. This means that it’s not easy to alter the set pattern for the development of the nervous system.
For example, children cannot run if there are no changes within the nervous system to facilitate the running. Advanced motor skills and movement patterns occur as the parts of the nervous system mature (Cheatum & Hammond, 2000, p. 33).
Internet Resource Guide
Health Promoting Diets
This is about looking for a general combination of foods attributed to better health. This can be achieved by conducting statistics to establish what the people who are healthiest take. This will lead to a formation of a pyramid that encompasses all essential nutrients and doesn’t enhance chronic diseases (Hobson, 2008). This can be integrated into the physical education curriculum through provision of a diet that’s more nutritional to the learners.
Physical Activity
Physical activity is helpful in weight management. It plays a crucial part in averting weight gain. It also minimizes risks of diabetes and heart disorders. It should be done slowly first then more vigorously later. Activities that enhance it include, stairwalking, walking, playing touch foot ball and dancing among others. In the curriculum, time can be created for learners to be involved in these physical activities (National Institute of Health, 2011).
Online physical Education classes
Online gym classes are getting rooted are getting good reviews. This program requires that learners should select physical exercises that they like and practice each of them for half an hour, thrice in a week. Online journals must be kept by participants besides having coaches or parents to verify that they did their work outs (Beggs, 2005). The school can hire coaches to help various groups of students select online gym activities and monitor them as they do the exercises.
Fitness Tests
There are numerous tests that can be used to enhance fitness. Examples are skin folds, Bruce tests, Sprint tests, in and out, posture tests, Illinois agility and arm span, among many others (Topend sports, 2011). Different simple tests can be identified by the teacher and then the students be taught to exercise at least two of them daily.
Fit 4 Fun games
Children can learn to be more active through these games. The games are in three groups: games that promote activity, healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Each game has its own instructions and materials and most of them are mainly played in groups (Jeanie, 2009). This can be incorporated in the curriculum by picking some relevant games and letting students to practice it once per week.
There’s a correlation between the development of the nervous system and movement patterns. Besides, there are several programs that can be used to enhance fitness. They include online gym, fitness tests, fit 4 fun games, physical activity and healthy diet.
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Analyze Movement Parts

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