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Published: 2021-06-20 04:55:04
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As you read in the previous section, one needs to begin materialization of thoughts from initial step of paying attention to own thoughts consciously that then leads to the connection oneself to positive thinking. Choose a new goal and then follow it for the purpose of building new habits by structuring a positive thought or an idea with an outcome that directly relates with the thought you planned to materialize. For example- I am replacing salty snacks with a fruit these days to lower my body’s salt content. I am on alkaline diet to reduce acidity in my stomach. These examples are appropriate for those who prefer nutritious diet and healthy fresh foods for various purposes regarding better health. Eating salads over (may be desserts are better for anyone who wants to start connecting with positive and beneficial thoughts all the time. These minor thoughts catch major thoughts when it comes to relating positivity with normal thoughts we regularly think in our daily routine.
Rather than thinking about what eating four cupcakes will do to your body, recall that what your body will feel better if you just taste one cupcake at a time when hungry and you don’t have anything else to eat. This delays your appetite and save you from extra load of calories just to fill your stomach all at once. Feeling good at stomach, chest and all the body parts are equals pleasurable for a human mind that equates to the happiness and actions for success. Performing materialization at every step and task you do in a day is much more successful for your future’s happiness. Scientists have proved that when you envisioned mindfulness into these little habits, you will do it for major goals of life without a second thought. Eating more fruit daily as compared to last month is one of the goals to become fit and healthy, enjoy and observe or visualize the whole process from biting to digesting that this fruit is giving you a good feel.
Use workouts, a strength training minutes daily for your body helps you to break the cycle of thoughts and concerns that are not positive. Positive thoughts originates the pleasant moods i.e. happiness, joy, excitement and negative ones elicit hatred, anger, guilt etc. imagine that your happiness and success continues to accelerate with each movement you do in exercise training. Materializing thoughts about doing more repetitions in workouts i.e. by doing leg presses increase the number of actual leg presses you do in a day by imagining it as compared to those who don’t.
Being truthful to you is another trick. Be confident, talk and act without shuddering and hesitation. Be the very best and real version of you. Never imagine anything with a pounding heart, sweating but use only thundering signs of body.
The last method to connect with positivity is verbalization of positive outcomes, thoughts and situational descriptions. Ace your speech if you want to materialize positive thoughts to use their power for seeking success and happiness or want to maximize the rewards. A good script to speak out loud into segments throughout the day is an excellent source of thinking positive, when you are afraid of dark, think, visualize and talk about light. When temperature is high and you feel hot, think, see and discuss cold places and memories from winters.

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