Evaluation Synthesis on the Peace Corps Agency Report (Assessment)

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There are a number of different programs funded by the government of the USA. The purposes of such programs and agencies may be absolutely different, like various science foundations, nature and environment protection agencies, transportation and agricultural agencies, pieces foundations, etc.
Federal funds are distributing to all those foundations depending on the main idea of the agencies and the contribution they make to the society. The US Peace Corp agency has been created with the intention to promote peace in the world and help people support friendly relations.
The main purpose of this evaluation synthesis is to consider the main idea of the US Peace Corps Agency, its needs and program, check the program assessment and its rating by administration, analyze the achievements the agency managed to reach via the evaluation of the prior periods of the agency functioning, and analyze the subsequent budget proposals the Peace Corps agency managed to get.
The needs for Peace Corps’ programs
The main idea of the Peace Corps is highlighted in the mission of the agency. Thus, being an agency founded in 1961 by John F. Kennedy, the ex-President of the USA, the Peace Corps tries to promote the following mission.
It is aimed at helping countries to train people in the fields they really need, at helping people better understand Americans on the parts where they serve, and vice versa, at helping Americas better understand other nationalities on the part of Americans (Peace Corps). One of the main ideas of this organization is to provide a volunteer help for people in the developing countries.
Thousands of volunteers work all over the word in different spheres of human needs, like health promotion, HIV/AIDS help, environmental protection, information technology implementation, development of agriculture and business.
The Peace Corps has created projects which could help people in different countries collaborate by means of volunteers who learn the language and the traditions of the country they go to (“PEACE CORPS” 499).
The opportunities the Peace Corps offers for students are rather exciting. Different loans during deferment periods may be interesting for those who want to continue studying and help the organization on the volunteer terms.
There are numerous programs which offer students to incorporate their service hourly (Service Based Scholarships 12; Dunaj-Kullman). The Peace Corps functions worldwide and it is obvious that the organization needs a lot of additional volunteers to deliver a peaceful message to people.
The volunteers of the Peace Corps try to notice the needs of the people they live with and provide those with the necessary facilities. Thus, Elizabeth Spencer while servicing in La Lomota noticed that people there wanted their children spend more time on learning and socializing.
Searching for the appropriate decisions, Elizabeth Spencer decided to build a library in the area (Sood par. 2). This is the main idea of the Peace Corps, not only live in another country and to collaborate with people, but help those by means of specific actions.
The Peace Corps’ program theory
The mission of the Peace Corps mentioned above is considered to be the basis for the company vision. Still, one should remember that the mission of the company provided above was established fifty years ago. The world is changing and the goals of the agency are changing as well.
Thus, the Peace Corps should pay more attention to the development of the innovative technologies and their use in the work they do. It is not just enough to come to the country and to work with people without being trained. There are a lot of different universities which deal with teaching volunteers to be the leaders.
Moreover, working in many countries in the world, the Peace Corps send their volunteers only to the places where they will be able to provide real help and will cope with the assignment, for sure. The Peace Corps is not the only organization which functions in this direction. So, the competition is high.
To be able to achieve the set goals, the Peace Corps should make sure that the federal funding is enough for them. To make sure, the agency should recruit the best volunteers which perform their task in the world on the highest quality (The Peace Corps: A Comprehensive Agency Assessment 2).
To increase the federal funding, the Peace Corps has to review the program it has. Here are the assignments the agency has put before it:

Improve the strategies for recruitment and the process of selection of the best highly skilled volunteers.
Provide training medical care courses for the volunteers and the staff of the agency.
Adjust volunteer placement with the purpose to meet the US interests and the needs of another country.
Work successfully with other international assistance organizations.
Lower termination rates.
Increase monitoring other volunteers’ work by means of management strengthening.
Improve the quality of independent evaluation.
Ensure that the actions provided by the Peace Corps effectively use the resources of the government (The Peace Corps: A Comprehensive Agency Assessment 3).

Thus, it may be concluded that Peace Corps agency tries to meet its mission by means of providing numerous goals. Increasing its influence, the agency should care of the number of volunteers which should be enough for coping with the tasks put before the Peace Corps.
What PART rating did Peace Corps receive from the administration?
Such big organizations like the Peace Corps which function by means of federal funding are usually thoroughly evaluated and assessed. This is one of the ways to monitor whether the organization managed to direct the resources properly or not. There have been created a Program Assessment Rating Too which was aimed at evaluating the federal programs and assessing those.
The motto of the tool is “expect federal programs to perform well, and better every year” (Program Assessment). Having considered the mission and vision of the organization, the administration gave an effective PART rating for the agency for its performance. Considering the Peace Corps assessment details, it is necessary to cast light on the following.
Supporting international volunteerism, the Peace Corp operates all over the whole world sending its volunteers to support people in different developing countries in various fields, like education, health care, agriculture etc. The volunteers of the agency are perfectly trained in the specific spheres.
The assessment administration also paid attention to the level of cooperation between Americans and people all over the world (Program Assessment).
Dwelling upon the rating, it should be explained that stating that the performance of the agency is effective, the PART administration gives the highest rating to the Peace Corps any program can achieve. This rating highlights that the agency has put ambitious goals and managed to achieve the effective results.
The program is well managed and the efficiency is improving. Still, it is important to consider some specific reasons why such a high rating was given for the agency. The administration provides some specific examples which support their decision.
How was the PART rating justified by the administration?
The administration points to three main reasons for such high PART rating. Firstly, the Peace Corps agency wanted to increase the number of volunteers up to 7,920 volunteers by September 2007. It should be noticed that the number of volunteers increased in the agency up to 8,079 till the end of 2007.
This number points out to the fact that the services offered by the Peace Corps are extremely necessary. Secondly, the agency has exceeded its purposes of skill transfer. Moreover, the cross-cultural understanding has improved as well. The volunteers, having returned from different countries, reported that they had managed to collaborate with other nationalities and transfer the knowledge they had in different fields to them.
Thirdly, the development of the Coverdell World Wise School website was a significant step ahead as the agency received an access to the classrooms. The predicted number of visits was about 1.3 million while the real web visits managed to reach 2.1 million in 2007 (Program Assessment).
The federal administration has positively assessed the work of the organization, still, it is impossible to bring to perfection everything as the world development and the emergence of different innovative technological facilities creates new and new goals which should be achieved.
Is the rating consistent with prior evaluations of the program found in other sources?
Having considered other evaluations of the program, it may be concluded that the PART rating is consistent. After the thorough analysis of the Office of Inspector General’s Semiannual Report to Congress, it may be concluded that the understanding between Americans and other people has improved. There are a number of violent cases occurred several years before the PART rating.
The appearance of those cases and their absence now may be a good example of the change in understanding between each other (Americas and other peoples).
Thus, according to the report 206 total violent cases have been there, among which 16 attempted assault cases, 1 attempted burglary, 2 cases of attempted rape, 48 cases of burglary with volunteer present, 3 incidents of death, intimidation (36), 3 kidnappings, 12 major and other physical assaults, 5 major sexual assaults, 12 protect acts, 14 rapes and 65 robbery incidents (Semiannual Report to Congress 23).
Moreover, the Office of Inspector General’s dwells upon the results of their work which had been done by 2008-2009 fiscal year. The training courses were estimated as the results had been seen. The leadership qualities of the staff had been noticed as well as they helped organize the work on the post.
The positive results had been achieved in the health case sphere, and in President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in particular. Thanks to this plan HIV/AIDS activities had been implemented better.
Moreover, the report represents the results of the independent audit which stated that the financial information represented in the Peace Corps reports was fair. The resources were used properly with generally accepted accounting principles (Semiannual Report to Congress 10).
Analysis of the budget proposals for the program
Analyzing the fiscal year 2009 report and considering the information known about fiscal year 2010, it may be concluded that 2010 is considered to be the year when the Peace Corps agency has received the highest financial support ever. The Gross Costs of the program was $ 327,233 in 2009.
Considering the main sources of the financing, it may be concluded that the program is financed by general funds, special or trust funds, deposit funds, and general fund receipt accounts. According to the performance and accountability report, cashier imprest funds were $1.6 million.
On the 30th of September 2009 the agency owned the checks on the sum of about $8.4 million (The Peace Corps Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2009 68). Having no real personal quality, the agency’s financial report is rather positive.
Still, the amount of money given to the Peace Corps in 2009 cannot be compared with those in 2010. The funding of the program has increased by $33 million in 2010 in comparison with 2009 (The Peace Corps Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2009 65).
In conclusion, the Peace Corps agency is a federal funded foundation which is aimed at providing the peace all over the world.
The main mission of the organization is provided by its goals, to train people all over the world with the skills they need, to increase the collaboration between Americans and other nationalities both on the territory of the USA and beyond its borders. The agency has been highly assessed by the government. It is also proved by the amount of financial resources the government gave for the Peace Corps functioning.
Even though the results of the work conducted by the Peace Corps agency was positive assessed by federal administration, and the efficient results of its work were noticed, there is always the goals one should try to achieve. Thus, the federal administration offered a kind of improvement plan.
The administration offered the Peace Corps to identify and to set new strategic objectives which could be aimed at aligning the agency’s mission statement. These objectives with outcome-oriented targets could measure the level of how the Peace Corps meets the stated mission.
The federal administration also offered for the Peace Corps to conduct a research and to create a number of baselines which would measure results of the volunteers work in the countries where the Peace Corps operates. This data would also help understand the level of the promotion of Americans on the countries they served in (Program Assessment).
Besides of the assessment program offered by the federal government, the Peace Corps agency has created a strategic plan (2009-2014) and performance plan (2009-2011). In accordance with this plan, the following recommendations should be stated. Firstly, the agency should increase the number of the similar organizations which can be helpful for the Peace Corps in skill needs.
Secondly, the understanding of Americans in different parts of the world should be better promoted by volunteers. Thirdly, to promote more outreach directed at Americans and their attitude to other people on the territory of the USA.
Fourthly, the volunteers in the host countries should better understand the technological needs of people there and meet those needs. Finally, to meet the Peace Corps’ mission by means of implementing better health service, effective management of resources and security support in the host countries (The Peace Corps Strategic Plan 5).
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This assessment on Evaluation Synthesis on the Peace Corps Agency

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