The Big Bang Concert at Honda Center, Anaheim: An Amaing Experience

Published: 2021-06-22 20:10:06
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The concert that I attended in was MADE by Big Bang at Honda Center, Anaheim on October 4th, 2015. It was a non- classical concert. Big Bang was the group that held the most powerful around the world. Bag Bang was the group that very popular than other. There were five members in the group. They were G-Dragon, the leader and the other four were: Taeyang, T.O.P, Seungri, and Daesung. They performed the song named Bang Bang Bang for the opening. They continued with Fantastic Baby, Haru Haru, Bae Bae, Goodboy and Badboy. The song named Fantastic Baby was the one just came out the last two or three years. It was a hit song with rock music. The beat and melodies were totally made your ears feel great and the brains were totally relaxed. However, I sat near to the stage and the echo was annoying me anyway because it was too loud I could hear their words clearly. The song named Haru Haru was my favorite song ever. It came out a long time ago, but it still was the popular song as all the time. I did have the same problem with echo and sounds, that was why I did not feel any excited at all, but Haru Haru was my favorite song, so I could barely feeling the song.
After all, I did not feel bad about the concert or the quality of it because it was worth it. The sounds from my idols did not sound like them in the CDs, but they brought up my excitements every time they changed to the new songs. Everything was great because they got high with the right high notes in the singing the songs. Sometimes, members in the group did bring down the notes because they were tired. There were a lot of things to notice about this concert. The tickets were started to sell on May. The VIP tickets were cost six hundred dollars. My ticket was the third level and it was cost two hundred and sixteen dollars for pre-sell.
However, it was cost four hundred at on sale period. I sat very near the stage, so I could see my idols very clear. I saw T.O.P and Taeyang very clear because they always stayed on my side of the stage. The other three stayed on the other side and they were not often came to my side at all. f there was a look from the stage to the audiences, I sat on the left. I left the house at five- thirty in the evening to come to Honda Center in Anaheim. I saw many people were there and they were getting in line, even the show would start at eight o’clock.
However, people referred to get in line before almost three hours to get inside than wasted their time at the last minutes to see their idols because they had to get inside for their seats and ready for the performance. They dressed up as Koreans or their idols as Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri or Daesung. I brought a crown, which was a lightning stick for fans named V.I.P on the top, which costed thirty five dollars as people wore tshirt have drew members of the group in there that shipped from Korea. They had two big screens to show the music videos of Big Bang. There were twenty-one songs that Bing Bang performed in the show for three hours. The music band was all African- Americans, but they did a good job.It was the most greatest memories for me because that was the first time I saw my idols from the first moments I started to be their fans. They performed around the world, even in Vietnam, but I did not have a chance to be a part of their show. They wore camo color jacket, which made for their album named MADE. I was very impressed and I did cry a lot during the performances. There were a lot of emotions during the performances such as excitement, sad, happy, and unforgettable. Since I was sitting in the concert, I did not think that I would forget this concert or the feelings for these moments for my favorite group band of Korea.
The audiences left the concert at eleven o’clock. On the way to the parking lots, I saw people open the videos and pictures that they just captured for the concert and watched them again. There were small talks during the concert. Their members talked a little bit about the show, themselves and made fun of each other. The fans were screaming, yelling, and laughing a lot every time their idols said a word. I saw other people cried and they did not want to leave the Honda Center because they wanted the concert back and they would have another chance to see their “oppas” one more time, but their wishes could not happen. By the way, I wished Big Bang would come back to make another show in the United States to satisfied the fans’ most wanted wishes. As mine, so I can see them times in real life.

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