The Effects of Using Mercury Cosmetic

Published: 2021-06-28 12:20:04
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In this globalization era, where are the building increasingly rapidly with a beautiful design. Like human too, they want to be beautiful just like the design of the building. It is sad that as an Asian, the definition of being beautiful is to have a fair and white skin. Meanwhile, in a western country like America having a tanned skin define that someone is a beautiful girl. Nowadays, there is a lot of products that can make a brown skin turn into white and fair skin. But did they know that the product contained a dangerous toxic chemical such as mercury? What is mercury? Mercury is metal that comes in a liquid form in a room temperature. Mercury can be found in a thermometer. Lately, the producing cosmetic that contained mercury is increasing rapidly like a mushroom after rain.
Most of the founder who is producing this mercury cosmetic does not even have knowledge about cosmetic. They claimed their cosmetics is one hundred percent organic. Most of the citizen and netizen tend to trust the product because there is a lot of good feedbacks. While in this media social era, there is a lot of people which is known as a famous or an influencer in media social reviews the mercury cosmetic without feeling guilty as long as they got their payment. People who are lack of knowledge about mercury will trust the product foolishly. There are three effects of using cosmetic that contained mercury which are skin cancer, disabled children and brain damaged. Firstly, the effects of using cosmetic that contained mercury is skin cancer. Did you know, according to Springerplus (2016 March 11) said that the mercury is the agent that can reduce the producing of the melanin on the skin. The function of melanin is to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. This process will make your skin became darker.
The darker the skin, the more melanin contained. This kind of mechanism of action is so good for our health. But some of the Asian peoples willing to make their brown skin to fair and white skin without thinking the dangerous effects. The big problem is when they go out, their skin will be expose by a sun whichcontained ultraviolet. When the melanin in the skin does not function, the expose of ultraviolet from the sun will be absorb easily. This is because the skin lack of defendant from the melanin. If this situation became a daily routine, it can cause the person who wore the mercury cosmetic from getting the skin cancer. Secondly, disabled children is also categorized as the effects of using cosmetic that contained mercury. According to FDA U.S FOOD & DRUG (July 26, 2018) said Simone that products that contained mercury will release the mercury vapors which your family might inhale those toxic. He said again, it is as easy as ABC this mercury goes in our body. The mercury vapors will damage the baby mechanism of action and nervous system. Thus, this will make their baby or kid became a disabled kid such as autism. Easily get an illness and make the child became hard to learn something new cause of the mercury vapor. Last but not least, the effects of using mercury cosmetic is brain damaged.
According to Hughes, L. (2018) said that memory problems and lack of focus may be experienced for those who are high with a high level of mercury. As you knew that our brain need the oxygen from the blood. The blood which contained mercury will be pump to the brain. This will make the mercury attack the brain and damage the brain. Most of the user of mercury cosmetic have a brain disorder such as headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and bad cognitive function. As a conclusion this toxic chemical called mercury is a very bad toxic that give a lot of negative effects. Thus this toxic chemicals can give a fatal too. There are much news in Asian especially in Malaysia said that the kidney disease patient comes from user of the mercury products.
There said that Malaysian have the most melanin cell in their body. We as a Malaysian should be proud and grateful to get this golden advantages. This will prevent our body to get the skin cancer easily. No matter what your shade is be grateful and love ourselves as much as welove our parents. For example, Rihanna the western singer which I admire so much because of her skin. The fairer your skin does not define you are a much holier. So we should really love ourselves because at the end of the day the ones who will make you happy is you.

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