The Necessity Of Helping Others

Published: 2021-07-10 15:55:05
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Nowadays in society people literally feel fear. When somebody helping them or when they are helping to someone. Is it because of our egoistic nature? Maybe is it because unknown harmful consequences that can lead their helping? Or is it because of the social principals that helping someone can be perceived as soulful weakness? The answer for that question is: “I do not know”. In this essay will be considered all this questions and some more others about the helping.
Firstly, in life happens the situations that someone who did for you something that in your opinion is badly effects on your life, but after sometime it is turn over that people who in your opinion was harmful become the man who supported whole your life to do your best by his or her actions. As the example can be taken anecdote, which name is “Sparrow and cow”: Winter was approaching and one sparrow decided to fly to warm countries. However, along the way, he was very cold and half-dead fell to the ground. Next to him was a cow, and one of her lozenges fell on the poor sparrow. Having warmed up in warm manure, the sparrow began tweet. He was immediately heard by a cat, which pulled out a bird with a claw from the manure, rinsed a little in the nearest puddle and ate. Moral: Not everyone who harms you is your enemy and not everyone who pulls you out of the mud is your friend.
Secondly, I would like to touch upon such a topic as ungrateful help where a helping person can remain guilty of all troubles. It is really familiar topic for everyone, because when you are trying to help someone, you can spoil something and apologize for it very long. There is also briefly can be explained the parable as the example. The name of the parable is “Horse and pig”: The farmer bought a thoroughbred horse for a decent amount, but after a month the horse suddenly fell ill. The farmer called the vet, and he examined the horse, concluded that horse has become infected with a dangerous virus and that he needs to be given medicine for three days. Vet says: – In three days I will come to visit him, and if he does not recover, he will have to put him to sleep. The whole conversation was heard by a nearby pig. After the first day of taking the medicine, the horse did not recover. A pig approached him and said: – Come on, friend, get up! On the second day – the same thing, the medicine did not act on the horse. “Come on, buddy, get up, otherwise you will have to die, ” the pig warned him. On the third day, the horse was again given medicine and again to no result. The incoming vet said: – Unfortunately, we have no choice, the horse must be put to sleep, because he has a virus that can spread to other horses! Hearing this, the pig ran to the horse and let us yell: – Well, come on, the vet has already arrived, you have to get up – now or never! Get up faster! And then the horse suddenly rose to its feet and ran! The farmer was shocked because of this miracle and he decided to celebrate it! On this occasion, slaughter a pig”. Moral: Do not help until it will be asked.
Thirdly, helping people is necessary only if you have collected enough information about this person and his current situation. It means that you should be informed before helping to someone. Because it can lead to the irreversible adverse situation. For instance, there is existing the parable, which name is “Mousetrap”: Once a little mouse leaned out of his hole and watched as the owner of the house and his wife unwrap shopping bags. – What can there be delicious? – he thought and was horrified when he saw that in one of the packages there is a mousetrap. Jumping into the yard, the little mouse rushed to warn everyone: – There is a mousetrap in the house! Mousetrap in the house! The hen that looked for its chickens, after shuffling with its foot, said: – Sorry, little mouse, I understand that this is a big problem for you, but it does not concern me and does not bother. The little mouse ran to the sheep and said: – In the house there is a mousetrap! Sheep replied: – Sorry, little mouse, but I cannot do anything for you, except to pray. Be calm, you are in my prayers! The little mouse ran to the cow, and she said to him: – What are you saying! Mousetrap? Am I by chance in danger? Mouse answered: – I think no. That same night, he heard a noise, as if the mousetrap slammed shut behind the victim. The hostess jumped out of bed to see what fell into the trap, but in the dark she did not notice that it was the tail of a venomous snake. Snake bit the mistress of the house, the owner quickly took her to the hospital. The wife returned from there with a fever. In such cases, there is nothing better than chicken broth. The husband took the knife and went for the chicken. The woman continued to hurt, friends and neighbors came to visit her, they needed something to feed. Husband had to slaughter a sheep. But the wife could not stand it and died. A lot of people came to the funeral. Heartbroken, sad, but grateful for the support of people, a widower to feed everyone, slaughtered a cow.
And all this time, the mouse watched what was happening through a hole in the wall and thought about things that have nothing to do with anyone! Moral: Next time, when you hear that someone has trouble, and you are sure that this does not concern you, remember this story.
In the conclusion, I want to say that everyone understood stories above by their own prism of understanding but in my opinion we should be informed about people and current situation whom we are want to help after what decide help to the people or not. In other hand we should not help someone if he or she does not ask you, because it can lead to irreversible consequences. Also we should not forget that people who are helping you not everyone who harms you is your enemy and not everyone who pulls you out of the mud is your friend.

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